Monday, February 27, 2012

Update from Sunday, February 26, 2012...

Hi Everyone....I know it's been a while since my last update, though I don't feel bad after seeing how little has changed with regard to the new attractions for the 2012 Season.

First up is Hurricane Harbor water park. This section is supposed to get a new slide or set of slides this season, though I see no trace of construction or part storage:

Next on my fly-over shoot list is our beloved "Bone Yard", though I apologize for not getting a more detailed photo. Regardless, you may see a ride or two you recognize from yesteryear:

Ok, on to my favorite part of the flight, a fly-over and around of our beloved Great Adventure. This picture is my favorite from the fly-over and think it would look great in Poster format, since it captures all areas of the park, all except the winding road of the Safari Park. The clear air combined with the sun shining from the west was the perfect setup for this shot:

Now for the details...See what you can pick out that has changed since last season:

Here we can see the pad where the main attraction, Sky Screamer, will be placed:

There's also another pad adjacent to Sky Screamer's location which is most likely another Flat Ride that will be coming back to the park:

Colorful, aren't they ???

I really like how El Toro's faded wooden structure glistens in the late afternoon sun:

Such an intricate blend of Wooden Structures (El Toro & Rolling Thunder coasters) sandwiched between Kingda Ka and the Runway Mine Train:

There you have it, a pretty day for a fly-over though not much new to report. Regardless, I hope you have enjoyed the photos and as always, see you after the next fly-over !!!

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  1. Six Flags is within Mcguire's MOA, right? Any problems flying in there?