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Sky Screamer Media Day Coverage - May 17, 2012...

Thursday, May 17, 2012 was a picture perfect morning for Six Flags Great Adventure's
Sky Screamer media day event in Jackson, New Jersey.  This event allowed the press and special guests to preview and thus promote their newest family thrill ride.

Thirty Elvis impersonators dressed in white and red attire were the first riders to experience Great Adventure's new, extreme swing ride...The 24-story high Sky Screamer

SkyScreamer is the cornerstone of the park’s newly-themed Adventure Alley, which offers guests a retro vibe and classic thrill attractions including Déjà Vu, a music-themed scrambler and Air Jumbo featuring whimsical flying elephants. New bumper cars, Fender Benders, will open in Adventure Alley in June.

“SkyScreamer takes thrills to new heights,” said park president John Fitzgerald. “Standing an imposing 24 stories tall, SkyScreamer has redefined our skyline and offers guests a 360-degree, bird’s eye view of the property.

The newest sensation in tower rides, SkyScreamer takes traditional swing rides to the next level. Thirty-two guests board the ride and sit two across in open-air swings as they climb to the top of the SkyScreamer tower while spinning round and round. At full swing, guests soar in a 98-ft. circle at speeds of 40 mph high above the park below

Six Flags season pass holders will preview SkyScreamer exclusively through May 20, and the ride will open to the general public May 23. Air Jumbo and Déjà Vu are expected to preview to season pass holders this weekend and open to the general public May 23, and Fender Benders will open in June. Adventure Alley joins the park’s already stellar lineup of innovative rides and attractions including three children’s areas and record-breaking roller coasters including the world’s No. 1 wooden coaster, El Toro, the world’s tallest coaster, Kingda Ka, and one of the world’s top steel coasters, Nitro.

For more information, visit the official Sky Screamer page HERE

First up is my own video coverage of the media event as well as my
own on-ride videos, complete with 1950's era singing as entertainment...
I hope you enjoy !!!

Direct LINK to my video on YouTube is: 


All is quiet before the media event

A covered queue will keep guests cool(er) on those hot, summer days

The media and special guests are beginning to gather

I was surprised at how many folks were at this media event

This is the structure that will lift and spin you high above the Giant Wheel and Skyway

A singing group from Rutgers were present and sang Elvis' songs

Sky Screamer's tower with the morning sun peeking from behind

50 Elvis characters stand behind the new president of Great Adventure,John Fitzgerald, as he talks about Sky Screamer and other ride additions in the park's newest themed section, Adventure Alley

Now it's Kristin Siebeneicher's turn to address the crowd

Hey, it's Elvis, and another Elvis, and many more all aboard Sky Screamer

Spectators gather along the perimeter

Smile for the camera, Elvis.  And you too, Elvis

The Elvis clan beginning to rise

Rising and now beginning their spin cycle for a journey high above the park

Hey, it's my friend Josh, owner of a Great Adventure fan site

The Giant Wheel from when the park originally opened as a backdrop to the base of Sky Screamer's tower

Having a blast on Sky Screamer

Having a blast on Sky Screamer

Now it's MY turn to finally ride...Hey, is that Elvis in front of me in the POV seat ???

Riders, including myself, are ready to experience flight

Hey, it's RJ Holla (red shirt near fence) from one of the Great Adventure fan site forums

Another friend of mine is Park historian and owner/contributor to Harry Applegate (brown shirt) ready to ride

And here's Josh once again with none other than, yup, you guessed it, the King !!!

Yours truly, Flyin Phil (orange shirt), with Josh as we prepare for flight on Sky Screamer.  Josh was my co-pilot for our journey !!!

A look UP at what's holding us UP

Even the view as we begin to ascend is grand

Sky Screamer tower's base and concrete pad

Sky Screamer in partial swing mode

And now in Full Swing mode, at over 200 feet in the air.  You are actually looking DOWN at the Giant Wheel and the Skyway (yes, it's that high) - FUN !!!

The Media Event is now over and the ride is ready to accept Season Pass holders ONLY

A line begins to form for Sky Screamer just after 12 noon

The top of Sky Screamer's tower can be seen from Swasbuckler (aka The Round-Up)

Sky Screamer's swings rising...

And now at its destination high above the greenery

As I take a leisurely ride on the Skyway, I see just how high Sky Screamer's tower looks compared with the Giant Wheel, Nitro's lift hill and the Skyway itself


Yeah, that's a high tower...

With the Six Flags name & globe perched atop

Riders ready to experience Sky Screamer (note the covered queue to the right)

Daffy Duck giving his approving look directly across a walking path from the ride

 Now go and Ride Sky Screamer !!!

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