Monday, June 11, 2012

Update from Sunday, June 10, 2012...

From high over the park at about 2,000 feet, the views were astounding, especially of the newest family thrill ride, Sky Screamer.  And I just happened to catch it when it's swings were spinning and rising towards the top.

Hurricane Harbor is also included in this update, with an ultra-crowded wave pool.

As always, I hope you enjoy the "View from Above"

These first two photos are of the Drive-Thru Safari (looking southwest) with the park to the right


Overview of Great Adventure Theme Park and the Baboon section of the Wild Safari


Hurricane Harbor water park adjacent to Great Adventure Theme Park


Not as packed as I would've thought, though this is graduation season

One of Nitro's train climbing the lift hill

Sawmill Log Flume (top) & El Toro coaster (center)

Superman: Ultimate Flight & Green Lantern coasters

Green Lantern coaster

Batman: The Ride coaster

The last (10) pictures feature the Sky Screamer in all it's glory !!!

I'll check-in with you after the next "Fly-Over"....

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